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a red delivery van with a hand truck and cardboard boxes Truck drivers pick up and deliver freight from one place to another.  Local truck drivers, also known as delivery services drivers or pick-up and delivery (P & D) drivers deliver goods locally within a set region.  Many delivery drivers carry shipments from distribution centers to businesses or households.  They may have a single load and make many stops during the work day, or they may have several loads over the course of a day.  They may also accept payments and handle paperwork.  Some delivery drivers also have sales responsibilities, such as those who work for companies renting linens, towels, or uniforms.

Local truck drivers spend much of their time behind the wheel, in addition to loading and unloading cargo and making deliveries.  They often work 50 or more hours per week, sometimes late at night or early in the morning, such as drivers who deliver food to supermarkets and bakeries.  Most have regular routes, but some have different routes each day.  They spend a lot of time lifting, carrying, and walking.

Those operating trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of over 26,001 pounds or carrying hazardous materials or oversized loads must obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL).  Drivers must also have good hearing, 20/40 corrected vision, and a 70 degree field of vision in each eye.  They must be able to distinguish between colors on a traffic light, and have normal blood pressure and normal use of arms and legs.

Truck drivers must be tested for alcohol and drug use prior to employment and on a random basis after that, per federal regulations.  They must be able to read and speak English well, and get along well with others as they often deal with customers directly.  Local truck drivers may advance to positions with higher pay, better conditions, and preferred schedules or routes.

Opportunities for local truck drivers are expected to grow as fast as the national average, but will vary greatly in terms of working hours, conditions, and pay.  Please visit the American Trucking Associations website for information about truck driving career opportunities.

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